2-Meter White Type Gas Cell

2-Meter White Type Gas Cell:

The 2-Meter Gas cell is the primary cell used for High-Resolution spectroscopy on the beamline.

KBr, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene windows are available for this cell.

It has a maximum path length of 72 meters and a minimum path length of 8 meters.

The temperature of the cell can be varied between 200K and 343K, using recirculating chillers.

A liquid nitrogen injection system is available for the 2-Meter gas cell, which allows temperatures down to 100K. However, the temperature stability is not as good as that achieved using the recirculating chillers. A variation of +/- 10 K is expected using the liquid nitrogen injection system. Furthermore, there is a gradient of approximately 15 K between the front and back of the cell.